Conduct in the Library

Conduct in the Library
The Mount Pleasant Public Library encourages people of all ages to visit the library. Those using the library and its resources have the right to expect a safe, comfortable environment that supports appropriate library services.

Individuals demonstrating unacceptable behavior will be required to leave the library after one warning from library staff. Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Actions that deliberately annoy others or prevent the legitimate use of the library and its resources
  • Abusive language or behavior towards staff or others
  • Loud talking
  • Noisy, boisterous actions
  • Uncooperative attitude
  • Running
  • Sleeping
  • Loitering
  • Eating or drinking
  • Smoking
  • Petitioning/Soliciting
  • Carrying weapons of any kind
  • Misuse of library property
  • Theft of library property

Young children are not safe when left unattended in the library. Staff cannot know if children are leaving with a parent, a friend, or a stranger. Library staff will not deliberately seek out unattended children; however, unattended children frequently become disruptive when they become bored. Parents are responsible for ensuring the appropriate behavior of their children while in the library. If a parent or other responsible adult cannot be located, unattended children who are disruptive will be placed in the care of the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Under no circumstances will library staff take a child out of the building or transport children to another location. For more information about children in the library, see the Kids in the Library policy.

Special Prohibitions

Cell phones and pagers should be turned off or switched to vibrate and should be answered outside the library.

Personal appliances, such as computers, tablets, phone, etc, may be used if the noise level is low and does not interfere with others. Headphones may be checked out at the Circulation Desk.

Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

Children and/or their parents are expected to pick up toys played with in the Youth Services Department.

Library users may not bring animals inside the library, except when they are part of a library program or when they are registered service animals.

Bicycles, wagons and similar equipment are not to be brought into any enclosed area of the library. A bicycle rack is provided in the parking lot. Skateboards, rollerblades, folding scooters, and similar equipment may be brought inside the building, but must be checked at the Circulation Desk. At the discretion of the library staff, patrons may be required to check other objects, equipment, etc., which may pose a potential hazard to the safety of other patrons or staff members or to library collections, equipment or facilities.

Skateboarding, rollerblading, riding scooters or bicycles, etc., on library property is not permitted.

Violators of the above rules may be removed and excluded from the library. If necessary, police will be contacted to assist library staff in enforcing these rules.

 Violators may appeal exclusion to the Director of the Library. The Director will review the appeal and may confirm, cancel, or change the period of exclusion. A term of exclusion longer than three months requires the approval of the Library Board

 Violators may appeal a decision of the Director to the Library Board who will review the circumstances of the case and confirm, cancel or change the period of exclusion. The Board may suspend an individual's library privileges indefinitely.