Neighborhood Standards & Code Violations

Ensuring a safe and desirable living and working environment is a priority of the Code Enforcement Department. The City Code of Ordinances authorizes inspection services and sets forth guidelines for the abatement of any violations of the code.

 The guidelines below are a partial listing of City ordinances pertaining to Neighborhood Standards.  For more information, please see the City Code of Ordinances.

Weeds & Grass

Unsightly vegetation, weeds and grass, or brush shall not be allowed to grow to a height greater than 12 inches. 

Trash & Rubbish

Property is to be kept free and clear of impure or unwholesome matter such as household garbage, wastepaper, cans, bottles,boards, auto parts, plastics, furniture, yard trimmings, or other such types of rubbish. 

Open Storage

Outside storage or accumulations of appliances, plumbing fixtures, building materials, metals, barrels, cans, furniture, mattresses, or similar items in any manner that is unsightly or objectionable is prohibited. 

Garage Sale Signs

One sign is permitted on the property where the sale is to be held. Garage sale signs are prohibited on utility poles, trash receptacles, or in city rights-of-way. 

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools must be inside a fenced enclosure in side or back yard. It must be at least 4 FT tall with a lockable gate that opens outward. For more information about public swimming pools, see Public Swimming Pool, Spa, & PIWF Inspections

Blind Corners

Trees, shrubs, bushes, plants, or grass at or near intersections shall not be planted or allowed to obstruct the view of traffic in any manner. 

Citizens may report violations online through the  MyGov  website.