Public Swimming Pool, Spa & PIWF Inspections

A public swimming pool, spa or public interactive water feature is a pool or spa facility located at a hotel, motel, apartment complex, home owner association, Municipal Park, country club, athletic club, child care facility, school, university or a therapeutic institution. The City of Mount Pleasant provides inspection and code enforcement activities for these facilities within the city limits. In the best interest of public health and to meet service demands, a regular inspection process is set.

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The purpose of the inspection process is to protect the public from waterborne diseases, and to prevent/protect against injuries, near drowning and drowning deaths associated with the design and operation of public swimming pools and spas. Entrapment hazards must be eliminated to prevent the swimmer's body or hair from being sucked into or onto the drain of a pool or spa.

The following links will help you find current Information and the Public Swimming pool codes in Texas:

Health and Safety Code, Section 341.064, Swimming Pools and Bathhouses
(These standards effect all non-residential pools/spas constructed prior to October 1999.)

Health and Safety Code, Pool Yard Enclosures, Chapter 757

Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Standards for Public Pools and Spas
Section 265.181 - 265.200 

ADA Compliance Information for Public Pools and Spas

Virginia Graham Baker pool and Spa Safety Act

Healthy Swimming

To find laws pertaining to interactive water features and fountains, refer to:

Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 265, Subchapter M, Rules 265.301 - 265.308

If you have any swimming pool questions, please call our office at (903) 575-4149.