Microchip your pet


Not everyone speaks "woof" and "meow".  Give your pet the voice they don't have.

 A pet identification microchip implant is given to every cat and dog adopted out of the shelter free of charge.  Additionally each of the three Mount Pleasant Veternarian Clinics offer low cost microchips for your current pet. This service is available to anyone.  Just call ahead and set an appointment at one of these locations.

Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic
 1901 W. Ferguson Road
 (903) 572-3488

Bruechner Animal Hospital
 1414 N. Jefferson Avenue
 (903) 572-8786

Titus County Veterinary Clinic
 601 Industrial Road
 (903) 572-7171

The microchip, which is programmed with an identification number, is encased in a biocompatible glad container small enough to fit into a hypodermic needle.  Once an animal is injected with the chip, it can be identified throughout its life by this one-of-a-kind number anywhere in the United States.  A painless special scanner is passed over the animal and the microchip sends a radio signal through the skin back to the scanner to read the chip.  The chip number is then displayed in the scanner viewing window.  Microchips are especially helpful when a pets tag is worn and illegible.

 Microchips are tiny capsules the size of a grain of rice that contain a unique identification number that links you and your pet

 Inserting the microchip under your pet's skin is quick, sterile, and no more painful than a routine vaccination

 Microchips are great for cats clever enough to remove their collars