Lateral Transfer Program

Mount Pleasant Police Department Badges

Are You an Experienced Officer?

Please see the following to determine your eligibility for lateral entry at a higher pay rate:

  • Applicants must have at least two years of continuous service as a paid full-time certified police or law enforcement officer with a police or law enforcement agency as approved by the Police Chief prior to the hire date. The applicant must have been in a position where he/she had the authority to enforce federal, state, and local laws, had the authority to investigate crimes, make arrests, and to respond to calls-for-service; and licensed to carry a firearm while on duty 
  • Applicant must have a current TCOLE Law Enforcement Certification 
  • Applicant must meet all Mount Pleasant Police hiring qualifications and have completed all entry level testing, background investigations, and reviews according to agency procedures 
  • Starting pay for an applicant approved for the Lateral Entry Program will be based upon the applicant’s number of previous years of experience as a qualified peace officer through TCOLE records and set at the departments step pay plan and confirmed experience level 
  • An applicant approved for the Lateral Entry Program will be eligible to receive certification pay for which they might qualify
  • Lateral transfer officers are required to complete the Department’s Field Training Program
  • Seniority will be based on the applicant’s date of hire within the Department. No credit for prior service outside the Department will be granted for seniority purposes

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