Extra Duty Employment Of Officer

The Mount Pleasant Police Department elects to permit officers of the Police Department to engage in Extra Duty Employment outside of an employee’s normal City work hours.

Permitting officers to engage in Extra Duty Employment enhances the safety and security of the community at large through the increased presence of law enforcement officers.

 When an officer is working an extra duty job he is considered "on-duty" and follows the rules of the Mount Pleasant Police Department and enforces all city and state laws accordingly.  Officers do not enforce "house-rules" or perform functions that are not related to their hired function.

Officer Off Duty.png

 Some examples of extra duty employment jobs are: 

  • Security at businesses (churches, banks, restaurants, retail stores, industrial plants, hospitals)
  • Traffic control at businesses, churches, construction sites, special events
  • Security at various social functions
  • Security at permitted special events and parties
  • Security at concerts and festivals

 All job requests are screened and are assigned by Police Administration. The pay rate, number of officers required and requirement of a supervisor or commander present is determined by police administration based on the type of event, expected attendance, and other security and/or safety factors.

1 Officer or Supervisor
$35 Per Hour
3 Hour Minimum
Supervisor required. Sergeant or higher-ranking officer when 3 or more officers are needed
$40 Per Hour for Supervisor
3 Hour Minimum
Command required.  Lieutenant or Assistant Chief when 6 or more officers are needed
$45 Per Hour for Command
3 Hour Minimum


The use of a police car by a Mount Pleasant Police Officer, if requested or determined to be required, is used to enhance security at an event or location.  The use of a marked patrol car is $50 per hour with a 3-hour minimum use.  This fee is paid separately to the City of Mount Pleasant.